Welcome to the Iambic Media pricing page! Because each project is different and tailored to your specific needs, we can’t post accurate prices on our site. If you would like a general idea of cost, send us a quick note with what you have in mind and we’ll get a general price range to you right away. Alternatively, you can tell us how much you are able to spend, and we can tell you what we can accomplish on that budget.

Until then, here are some features of our pricing services designed to make your project as easy, stress-free and affordable as possible:


We will update you regarding progress and cost during every stage of production. We strive to keep each video on budget, and to make sure there are no surprises along the way.


If you bring us your project, we will do everything we can to fit your concept to your budget. We offer flexible pricing and discounts to help give your video the best possible chance of getting made.


From a crew of one to a crew of ten, we tailor each production to your needs so we can work quickly and keep costs to a minimum.

lasting value

We’ll put your video online for as long as you want, which means that what you make now can last for years with nothing more to worry about.

Interested? Get in touch with some basic details and we’ll give you a price range for your project. Give us extensive details and we’ll be able to give you a fixed quote for your whole production, beginning to end. Confused? Find more details about pricing and process on our FAQ page.